Charter your own yacht

Yacht rental is an interesting business!

Average speed one owner 28 days per season with his yacht. The rest of the hunting season is a quiet and it actually costs money. In this case, yacht rentals, yacht charter investment, interesting. You rent your own yacht through Venturi Sailing at the Oosterschelde.

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Yacht Charter by our organization has pleasant conditions:

  • Your ship is always ready to sail for yourself ยท
  • Costs are offset by revenues
  • Your ship is maintained by us.

With good results from the yacht, your rental costs fully covered. A popular ship and the Beneteau Oceanis 34 brings even money by renting! Yacht Charter is currently appealing the decreased desire to invest. This allows owners of yachts a good chance in yacht rental to travel. You get income tenants, maintenance and use a yacht in top condition. Besides enjoying an attractive discount on the purchase price of your new yacht and you can reclaim all or part of the VAT. In addition to new boats we rent like your yacht. You sail too much with your sailing yacht or rent then maybe something for you

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Venturi Sailing yacht rental with thus ensuring an optimal win-win situation. Please contact your specific questions Venturi Sailing on.A few berths available for both small and large yachts in Yerseke for the upcoming 2014 season. Make an appointment as soon as possible at our rental location in Yerseke to learn about our fleet and to discuss the possibilities while enjoying a cup of coffee. or 06-21526278, Lennart Rijksen