Sailing Area Zeeland

When you rent one of our yachts for a weekend, midweek or week you’ll have the whole Delta as sailing area. The tidal waters of the Oosterschelde, mooring to one of the Islands in the Grevelingen or on the Veerse Meer Lake. A visit to Willemstad to the Hollands diep or Hellevoetsluis aan ‘t haringvliet. Still, steaming, sweet and salt the Zeeland Delta has it all.

The more experienced sailor can easily make a trip to the Belgian coast or plan a sailing holiday to England.

Our area for the sailing lessons is mainly the Oosterschelde. Most of the lessons you will sail around Yerseke.

The uniqueness of this water area is among other things that you will learn to sail on tidal water. By the open connection with the North Sea, the Eastern Sea about ebb and flow. So you see the one time sand banks and the other times just water.

The Oosterschelde is as stated before a unique water area with an open connection with the North Sea. Oosterschelde National Park is the largest national park of Netherlands with a total area of 37,000 hectares and 125 km of coastline. Beside that the Oosterschelde is very important for the water sports is also great economic importance for the mussel and oyster farming and freight services to and from Rotterdam. From the Oosterschelde, the North Sea and easy access via the Canal through Zuid beverland and the Roompotsluis.

The national park is is an important place for all kinds of animals, so it is important for many thousands of birds, who find rest, eat and breed. The porpoise and seal you come again with more and more regularity against. On a beautiful sunny day it can just be that you with low water a group of more than 40 seals soak in the Sun. Venturi-Sailing is official host of National Park Oosterschelde, we gladly tell you more about this unique area. Check out the site of Oosterschelde National Park